‘Bean’ there, done that!

Have you ever watched a child eating a plate of food?  Often they will eat the least favourite foods first, leaving the ‘good stuff’ for last. savouring every last morsel, knowing that those green beans are done and dusted!

Perhaps we should adapt this concept in the workplace?  We all have ‘those jobs’ that appear on our desks from time to time, the ones that we will do just about anything to avoid because they are our least favourite thing to do.  The irony of it is that even though it is on the back of the desk, it constantly pops into the front of our brain because we are sub consciously aware of it.  Eventually we have to face the task we have been avoiding head on and what’s more, it is often nowhere near as bad as we were expecting.

What if we approached that job in the same way that a child approaches their green beans!

Give it a go!  next time ‘that job’ hits your desk, drag it to the top of the pile and complete it straight away, that way you will be able to savour every last morsel of not having it hang over you for days…….

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