Franking – Does It Get Your Stamp Of Approval?

Franking machines are devices businesses use  for their outgoing mail. Instead of the old-fashioned licking and sticking of stamps, the franker will print the correct postage on your envelope. Most up-to-date machines have a built-in weighing scales, so you can throw away the stand alone scales that can sometimes be a little misleading or even incorrect.

There is also a cost saving benefit to using a franking machine instead of buying stamps, a benefit which has never been greater with postage costs soaring. Franked postage is at present priced at 47p for a first class letter and 60p for a first class stamp – a saving of 13p per letter, which can be found across the various sizes, sometimes increasing to a saving of 19p. This saving can mount up if you have a mass of outgoing mail.

Filling the machine is easy. It can all be done automatically in the office using a phone line, unlike sending a member of your team  to the Post Office to collect postage stamps (as we know, a lot of our local post offices have been shut down). The franker never runs out, because at the  press of a button you can see how much postage you have left in the machine and, as already mentioned, you can instantly refill without leaving the office. This is also good for the environment as it results in zero emissions.

Please note: This article is a commentary on general principles and should not be interpreted as advice for your specific situation.

2 thoughts on “Franking – Does It Get Your Stamp Of Approval?

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