How healthy is your company?

In recent months there has been news of large corporations and even football clubs falling into liquidation, with many jobs lost and well known household names disappearing. However, the situation is not restricted to prominent companies, with millions of pounds passing through their bank accounts. Any company, of any size, can drift into insolvency. If your … Continue reading How healthy is your company?

The Benefits of Using Sage

Sage bookkeeping software is a highly useful tool for businesses where a traditional manual cashbook is insufficient. Once businesses grow past a certain size, writing each invoice into a cashbook or simply keeping a large pile of invoices ready for the end of the tax year becomes impractical. Sage allows the user to enter sales and … Continue reading The Benefits of Using Sage

Will your records pass the test?

HMRC restarted their business records checks in November 2012 on the expectation that such checks will increase the tax yield significantly. During a pilot of the scheme HMRC state that 10% of the 2,437 businesses they visited had inadequate records and a further 26% had records that gave rise to concerns. The business records check(BRC) will … Continue reading Will your records pass the test?

Benefits of Cloud Business Software for Small Business’

How Small Businesses Can Benefit From Using Software As a Service Cloud computing can take a number of forms depending on the nature of the service that is being provided to users through the Internet. Software as a service is one of the most popular forms of cloud computing, being setups where users access the … Continue reading Benefits of Cloud Business Software for Small Business’

Tips For Creating and Using Your Budget

Budgeting doesn't have to be a bad word. In fact, it could be your way of finally saving money and getting on the right financial track for your life. A budget helps with many things, including helping you to understand how much money you spend, the types of services you buy and how much, if … Continue reading Tips For Creating and Using Your Budget

Bookkeeping Hints and Tips

From the smallest companies to the largest, Green and Co offers a bookkeeping service tailored to suit each of its clients individual needs.  In allowing our dedicated team help with this side of the business, it frees up valuable time allowing you to spend your real energy on running the business and making a profit. In these … Continue reading Bookkeeping Hints and Tips