HMRC Introduces New System to Tackle Scam Phone Calls

HMRC has introduced a new system designed to prevent criminals from spoofing government helpline phone numbers. According to HMRC, criminals often use 'official' helpline numbers to convince taxpayers to part with large sums of money. In 2018, HMRC received 104,774 reports of so-called 'phone scams' – a significant rise when compared to 2017's figure of … Continue reading HMRC Introduces New System to Tackle Scam Phone Calls

Expanding Your Business: Are You Ready?

From adapting to suit your clients’ needs, to branching out into new markets, there are many reasons for growing your business. Here, we outline some areas to consider before deciding to expand. Making an informed decision Carrying out thorough research is crucial in helping you to make an informed decision. Conduct market research to establish … Continue reading Expanding Your Business: Are You Ready?

Spotlight on Charities

Although charity law varies across the UK, charity governance is very much in the spotlight. In a recent report, the Charity Commission for England and Wales (CCEW) suggested that nearly 40% of small charities were submitting inaccurate financial information. Small charities are defined as those with annual income below £25,000, and this category makes up … Continue reading Spotlight on Charities

Authorised Economic Operator Status

Any company involved in an international supply chain carrying out Customs related activities in the EU should consider applying for Authorised Economic Operator Status. A business which has achieved Authorised Economic Operator Status (AEO) has shown itself to be a trustworthy trader, and this internationally recognised quality mark is being highlighted by the UK Government … Continue reading Authorised Economic Operator Status