An Update on Holiday Pay

The government has recently been circulating adverts promoting the holiday pay awareness campaign. ‘Holiday pay: it comes with the job’ is part of the modern Industrial Strategy, which aims to give employers and workers a better understanding of both workplace rights and responsibilities. Recent research suggests some 1.8 million people currently do not receive the … Continue reading An Update on Holiday Pay

Reviewing the Changes to Pensions Auto-Enrolment

From 6 April 2019, minimum employer and total contributions into pension schemes rose. Here, we review these changes, and analyse the pensions auto-enrolment scheme in greater detail. Auto-enrolment: an overview Under the pensions auto-enrolment scheme, employers must automatically enrol eligible workers into a qualifying pension scheme. Employers’ duties include assessing the types of workers in … Continue reading Reviewing the Changes to Pensions Auto-Enrolment

What’s on Your Payslip?

New legislation came into force this month regarding employees’ payslips. There are two issues which are being amended: Firstly, under the new system employers will need to provide itemised payslips to every worker on their payroll, not just those classified as ‘employees’. Currently, employers are not obliged to issue payslips to contractors, freelancers, and other … Continue reading What’s on Your Payslip?

Increase to Directors Salary

Further to the publication of the rates and thresholds from HMRC, from 6 April 2019 we are advising our clients that directors will be able increase their current salary with no tax or national insurance deductions. Directors of Limited Companies will be able to increase their salaries from £702.00 to £719.33 per month, or weekly … Continue reading Increase to Directors Salary