It’s HMRC On The (Mobile) Telephone

Once again we find ourselves in P11D season, that joyous time in the tax calendar where expenses and benefits provided by employers to their employees are dissected for inclusion on the P11D. Employers will no doubt have the same conversations they have with their accountants each year concerning the chargeability of benefits and expenses and … Continue reading It’s HMRC On The (Mobile) Telephone

Salary Review: It Pays To Talk

42% of employees surveyed by law firm Lupton Fawcett Denison Till admitted they were uneasy about discussing their salary with their employer, while 35% would prefer to disclose their earnings to a colleague than talk with a manager. This leads to potential problems further down the line according to senior associate Nathan Combes. “A common … Continue reading Salary Review: It Pays To Talk

Cycle-to-Work Scheme: The Wheel Deal?

Later this year, the government is expected to publish a white paper encouraging employers to take more responsibility for the health of their employees. Among the many incentives which can be offered is the Cycle-to-Work scheme. The scheme is an annual tax exemption which allows employers to loans cycles and related safety equipment to employees … Continue reading Cycle-to-Work Scheme: The Wheel Deal?