Free Research & Development Seminar

Has your company spent money developing a new product or software? Have you made any advances in science and/or technology? If so you could be eligible for R&D uplift as high as 130% on your development expenses! Projects don’t have to succeed to claim. Green & Co Accountants and Tax Advisors are running a seminar … Continue reading Free Research & Development Seminar

Landlord Forum – 30 March 2016

We are delighted to announce that our next Landlord Forum is taking place on Wednesday 30th March at the Parkway Hotel in Cwmbran. The Forum will run for 2 hours and will commence at 6pm.  Building on our promise to provide Landlords with up to date and interesting information, our next event is dealing with important financial and regulatory … Continue reading Landlord Forum – 30 March 2016

Take Time For A Time Off!

Being your own boss may seem like a good idea, but whether you are worrying about an order being delivered on time, struggling to meet your own deadlines or keeping the tax man at arm’s length,  life as an entrepreneur can be very stressful. Many business owners find themselves working 12-hour days, sometimes 7 days … Continue reading Take Time For A Time Off!

Winter 2015 Newsletter

With winter fast approaching, take the weight off your feet and chill as we bring you up to date on everything you need to know this season! Green & Co Winter 2015 Newsletter This edition focuses on: Property Tax Relief: Winners And Losers All Change For Dividends Pension Allowances: The Next Steps Tax Round Up … Continue reading Winter 2015 Newsletter

Cybercrime Targeting UK Businesses

Cyber crime is apparently costing UK businesses nearly £3bn per year according to a recent report from insurer Allianz Global. UK based criminals are the second highest originators of cyber crime in the world, after the USA, but it is British businesses that are the most heavily hit in the world with attacks coming from … Continue reading Cybercrime Targeting UK Businesses

Poor Advice Costing British Businesses Billions

Poor professional advice is costing British businesses billions of pounds. According to research conducted by Direct Line for Business, more than 320,000 UK businesses have been let down by some form of professional advice to the tune of around £20,482 each over the last 12 months. In all, it equates to a massive £6.4bn being … Continue reading Poor Advice Costing British Businesses Billions

Big Question – How Important Is Branding?

Nick Park answers this week’s Big Question in the South Wales Argus: “Making sure your customers stick with your business is an important step on the road to success and that is why getting your brand right is crucial..."