SME’s in the Dark over Employment Laws

According to a recent survey, two-thirds of business owners admit to little understanding of employee rights. A survey of 500 business from website Jobandtalent revealed that almost 66% of owners of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) concede to having a poor knowledge of employee rights and regulations. 12% of owners admitted to knowing nothing at … Continue reading SME’s in the Dark over Employment Laws

All Change To Incorporate Pay Rises

“Britain deserves a pay rise.” Those were the inspiring words of the Chancellor in his Summer Budget. But deserved or not, there are a lot of implications for British businesses this April, in order to initiate the new Living Wage for those aged 25 and over. The wage hike to £7.20 is expected to affect … Continue reading All Change To Incorporate Pay Rises

The Big Question: Are Degrees Still Relevant?

Green & Co's Ed Gooderham answers the South Wales Argus Big Question this week. Businesses in the publishing and other sectors have announced that they are no longer insisting that recruits are educated to degree level. Business Argus has asked the local business community: Are degrees still relevant for your sector and would you employ … Continue reading The Big Question: Are Degrees Still Relevant?

Mum’s The Word!

According to a recent survey of 2,000 small business, one fifth plan to hire more returning to work mothers than this time last year. Regus, who commissioned the survey, found that 25% of employers found them more reliable than other staff. A third of employers also found them more organised than their other employees. The … Continue reading Mum’s The Word!

The Big Question – The Recruitment Process

Ed Gooderham answers this week’s Big Question in the South Wales Argus: “With the unemployment figures coming down, Business Argus decided to ask local businesses all about the recruitment process - how easy it was for them to…”

National Insurance – A Class Act

National Insurance was introduced in the UK as long ago as 1911, initially as a contributory fund to provide benefits in the event of incapacity due to sickness or unemployment. Over the years, the scheme has been broadened to include provision of a wide range of social security benefits, and, in particular, as a way of … Continue reading National Insurance – A Class Act

Why Employment Contracts Are for All Sized Businesses

Small businesses sometimes believe that legally binding employment contracts are for the larger players in business, but that isn’t true.  A contract of employment sets out the rights, duties, and obligations of the employer and the employee.  By having an employment contract signed by both parties, both parties gain a level of protection in case … Continue reading Why Employment Contracts Are for All Sized Businesses