Running a Business From Home

As many businesses now operate from home, HMRC allow you to apportion certain expenses between business and private use of a property, even though no extra overheads are generated. You can use either the apportionment of expenses method or the fixed deductions for home running costs method, as outlined below: Apportionment of Expenses You must … Continue reading Running a Business From Home

Autumn 2014 Newsletter

Summer will soon be coming to a close, and here is our next newsletter to usher in Autumn: Green & Co Autumn 2014 Newsletter This newsletter focuses on: Tax advantages for innovative companies Dealing with workplace disputes Tax planning following changes to the treatment of trusts Pensions - is now the time to make contributions? Tougher lending rules … Continue reading Autumn 2014 Newsletter

Working From Home

If you can cope with the relative social isolation and are not easily distracted by domestic issues, home-working offers a practical solution where it is not possible to carry out your duties at a business premises.   Working hours are flexible and can be fitted around family or other personal obligations, as well  saving on costs … Continue reading Working From Home