Charities And The Tax Man

Comic Relief earlier this year raised staggering amounts for good causes, home and abroad, earlier this year, and with over 164,000 charities registered with The Charity Commission as of September 2014, many more avenues are available for giving to charity. There are numerous ways to give to good causes, and donors can save on tax … Continue reading Charities And The Tax Man

Year End Tax Planning

Now that the self-assessment filing deadline is past it is time to turn our thoughts to any tax planning measures which need to be implemented before the end of the fiscal year on 5 April. Here are a few tips worth consideration: PENSION CONTRIBUTIONS If you are an additional rate taxpayer maximising the contributions in … Continue reading Year End Tax Planning

Will you lose your child benefit?

Child benefit will be withdrawn for high income taxpayers from January 2013. The threshold for this tax change is £50,000 and will be tapered on income from this figure up to £60,000 when no child benefit will be due. The change has been the subject of much controversy. Take two families both with two children. … Continue reading Will you lose your child benefit?