Tax Relief When Home is The Office

When a business is operated through premises that are owned or let by the business, claiming for rent, rates and utilities, etc., is all relatively straightforward. However, when the business is run from the home of the proprietor or director (if a limited company), then the expense claim requires a little more thought. If you … Continue reading Tax Relief When Home is The Office

The Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement

Are you a business with a turnover in excess of £36m, or a supplier of goods or services to such a business? If so then you have an obligation to complete a Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement. In 2014, the Walk Free Foundation estimated there were 35.8 million victims of slavery in its many … Continue reading The Modern Slavery & Human Trafficking Statement

Gwent Landlord Forum

We're excited to announce that our next Gwent Landlord Forum is taking place on Wednesday 25th May between 6 and 8pm at The Parkway Hotel and Spa. Speakers will include: Bethan Jones, Rent Smart Wales - All landlords operating in Wales must register themselves and all details of their rental properties with Rent Smart Wales before 23 … Continue reading Gwent Landlord Forum