Employment Benefits: Mileage Payments

For those submitting P11Ds, 6 July 2019 will mark the deadline for reporting relevant benefits and expenses provided in 2018/19. It is important to ensure that any mileage payments made to directors and employees are within the HMRC approved rates if you want to avoid a benefit in kind. For business travel in an employee’s … Continue reading Employment Benefits: Mileage Payments

MAPs For Compliance – Mileage Claims

HMRC’s approved mileage allowance payments (MAPs) are the mileage rates which can be claimed in a variety of circumstances for tax compliance. Since 2011 the rates have remained unchanged; in each tax year 45p per mile can be claimed on the first 10,000 business miles carried out. For business miles in excess of 10,000, 25p per … Continue reading MAPs For Compliance – Mileage Claims