Funding for Research and Innovation in Wales

Does your business have an innovative proposal that can successfully convert research and innovation into new and improved commercial products, processes and services? EU funds of around £40million are now available for Welsh businesses to aid in the process. Your project proposal should build on areas where Welsh businesses and research organisations have already established, … Continue reading Funding for Research and Innovation in Wales

Free Research & Development Seminar

Has your company spent money developing a new product or software? Have you made any advances in science and/or technology? If so you could be eligible for R&D uplift as high as 130% on your development expenses! Projects don’t have to succeed to claim. Green & Co Accountants and Tax Advisors are running a seminar … Continue reading Free Research & Development Seminar

How Can Your Competitors Help You?

It's a mistake to look at your competitors and see a problem. Your job is not to beat your competitor, your job is to use them to position yourself in a better place than you were before. Your competition can be one of your greatest assets just so long as your strategy is not to … Continue reading How Can Your Competitors Help You?

The Olympic Games of Business

In business, as with competitive sports, preparation is key. Just as top athletes would never go into a competition without first doing as much groundwork as possible, those looking to set up a new business should have the same mind-set if they want their business to succeed. In fact, many of the techniques used by … Continue reading The Olympic Games of Business