Tax Relief When Home is The Office

When a business is operated through premises that are owned or let by the business, claiming for rent, rates and utilities, etc., is all relatively straightforward. However, when the business is run from the home of the proprietor or director (if a limited company), then the expense claim requires a little more thought. If you … Continue reading Tax Relief When Home is The Office

To be (In Self Assessment) or not to be (In Self Assessment) – That Is The Question!

In the March budget HMRC announced that the tax return as we know (and love?) it is to be abolished. As we eagerly await the release of the “roadmap” in late 2015, which outlines the plan, let us remind you who should currently be submitting tax returns. This list is taken from the Gov website and … Continue reading To be (In Self Assessment) or not to be (In Self Assessment) – That Is The Question!

Biggest Deadline Day On Record!!

This year HMRC saw the biggest digital Self-Assessment event on record with 8.75 million of a total 10.2 million tax returns filed online by the 31st January deadline. HMRC’s Director General of Personal Tax, Ruth Owen called it “another record-breaking year for Self-Assessment with 210,000 more people filing their returns on time than last year. … Continue reading Biggest Deadline Day On Record!!

Last-Minute Tax Return Tips

Leanne Flanagan, tax senior at Green & Co provides some last-minute tax return advice in an article by Moneywise: “With under a month to go to get your accounts in order, we solve queries about your tax liability if you're self-employed..."

Get Ahead, Don’t Bury Your Head!

Considering that those filing self assessment tax returns have from the 6th of April after the tax year end until either the 31st of October of that year (to file a paper return) or the 31st of January of the following year (to file their tax return online) it may surprise many, but not all, to know that the busiest day for submitting online … Continue reading Get Ahead, Don’t Bury Your Head!

Time to catch up?

  HMRC are currently operating a “catch-up” campaign for people who have been served with a notice to complete  self assessment returns for 2011/2012 and prior years but have as yet failed to do so. To qualify you must first inform HMRC that you intend to take advantage of the campaign and you must then … Continue reading Time to catch up?