Last-Minute Tax Return Tips

Leanne Flanagan, tax senior at Green & Co provides some last-minute tax return advice in an article by Moneywise: “With under a month to go to get your accounts in order, we solve queries about your tax liability if you're self-employed..."

3 Pointers For Passing Your PAYE Inspection

PAYE compliance visits can be a tricky business and should your business be selected, HMRC will delve into not only the payroll records but also the expenses and reimbursement procedures, benefits in kind, employment status and shareholder-director dividends.  Should they discover errors they can go back up to four years in order to track them. The initial … Continue reading 3 Pointers For Passing Your PAYE Inspection

National Insurance – A Class Act

National Insurance was introduced in the UK as long ago as 1911, initially as a contributory fund to provide benefits in the event of incapacity due to sickness or unemployment. Over the years, the scheme has been broadened to include provision of a wide range of social security benefits, and, in particular, as a way of … Continue reading National Insurance – A Class Act

Working From Home

If you can cope with the relative social isolation and are not easily distracted by domestic issues, home-working offers a practical solution where it is not possible to carry out your duties at a business premises.   Working hours are flexible and can be fitted around family or other personal obligations, as well  saving on costs … Continue reading Working From Home

Employment status: Get it Right

Employment status has always been, and will no doubt continue to be, a contentious issue for HMRC. Whether an individual is employed or self employed is not a matter of choice and employers and contractors must ensure that they are engaging workers under the correct contract. A employee will have a contract of services, whereas a … Continue reading Employment status: Get it Right

HMRC Targeting Direct Selling

From time to time the Revenue look at different sectors of the economy and focus their attention on making people aware of what their responsibilities are. They are currently looking at the direct selling market. Direct selling is when you sell direct to customers either door - to - door, in the customers home or in … Continue reading HMRC Targeting Direct Selling