On your Marks, Gift Aid, Go!

Did you know that you as a taxpayer can help fund future Olympic champions? Many people are aware of the tax breaks for giving to charities through Gift Aid, but not many realise that the scheme also applies to the 6,800 Community Amateur Sports Clubs (CASCs) who are registered with HMRC. The scheme means that … Continue reading On your Marks, Gift Aid, Go!

Do You Employ Any Scottish Nationals? – If So Read This

A Scottish rate of income tax (yet to be announced) will apply from 6 April 2016, allowing the Scottish Parliament to reduce the basic, higher and additional rates by up to 10% or increase them by any amount without limit. The Scottish rate will be administered by HMRC as part of the UK income tax … Continue reading Do You Employ Any Scottish Nationals? – If So Read This

Are You Feeling Guilty?

Psychologists help HMRC by inspiring guilt in taxpayers! HMRC has employed a team of psychologists and 'behavioural economists' to make taxpayers feel guilty if they don’t pay on time. Danny Alexander, the Chief Secretary to the Treasury, revealed that the Revenue has subtly changed the wording of thousands of reminder letters in a bid to … Continue reading Are You Feeling Guilty?